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Monday July 16th Marks the Training Day for the iPads!

Starting this Monday, July 16th, the client is going to be visiting our office to go over training with the launch of the new iPads that we will be implementing. The iPads are going to be implemented immediately after training and are supposed to greatly increase customer satisfaction. The iPads are designed to be very user friendly to allow for even quicker customer interactions. Not only will call times be cut down by nearly half, but the iPads will allow for cutting edge marketing and promotional material to be displayed.

The design of the iPads to match customers’ needs is just another example of our strong relationship with our clients. We have been working with the clients to ensure proper design and interface is created to allow for a user friendly experience for both the customers and our representatives. We are excited to roll out with the pilot of the iPads and believe that this should help increase customer retention and acquisition even further. 


KJ Innovations, Inc Promotes Alex McIntosh to its Management Team!

Today KJ Innovations, Inc officially promoted Alex McIntosh to part of its Management Team. Alex is originally from Jacksonville, Florida and has moved to several different states throughout the United States. Alex recently moved down to the South Jersey area to help KJ Innovations, Inc open its door nearly 1 year ago.

Since helping open KJ Innovations in South Jersey, Alex has continually been a top performer in the office while taking on an early leadership role. Alex credits his success thus far to his commitment in helping the company grow and hit its goals, while continually looking to push himself personally into a stronger leadership role, not just within the office. Alex has always been a reliable member of the team and a positive resource for everyone around him.

Since switching campaigns and working with a new client in the South Jersey area, KJ Innovations, Inc has been able to hit the ground running. After a succesful 1st year in business, they are set to expand into at least two more markets by the end of 2012.